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Snoring Mouthpieces Can Save You, Really

snogmAfter spending a year sleeping on the couch or maybe years waking up to an angry spouse/partner over their lack of sleep you’ve decided you need to do something about that snoring habit of yours.

You’ve reviewed your lifestyle and tried to make changes as recommended by a doctor. Maybe you’ve lost some weight, started exercising, quit smoking and drinking but you still snore. You’ve reviewed what causes you stress and you’ve done everything you can think of to remove or reduce your stressors but you still snore.

You’ve tried your best to do what you can to change and to stop snoring but you realize almost every morning when you’re met with glaring sleepless eyes that someone in your household is not getting the sleep they need to be able to function properly during their day.

So you’ve got to do something else.

Something you may want to consider is a mouthpiece designed to combat snoring (there are some great reviews here).

One such mouthpiece is the Zyppah® Snore Prevention System.

This is a handy little device that you can keep at your bedside and slip on when you are ready for bed.

But you’ve tried mouthpieces, you tell me, and they didn’t work! Why waste your time and money on another piece of plastic that isn’t going to help you?

Most snoring mouthpieces are designed to be more than just a hunk of plastic in your mouth.

The downfall of many mouthpieces that are designed to deal with snoring is that they just address the position of your jaw. The advantage of Zyppah is that is does more than that: it also has a stabilizer for your tongue which can be the root cause of snoring for many people!

Any decent mouthpiece:

  • Stabilizes your tongue (yes we mentioned that before but repetition always helps)
  • It is inserted inside your mouth, not on the outside so it is discreet
  • It is made of plastic so it is easy to clean and maintain
  • Because the tongue is stabilized and the jaw is moved forward your airways are open which can eliminate the causes of snoring.

With your airways open from multiple angles you won’t have to worry about which position you are sleeping in. While it may seem strange to put a piece of plastic in your mouth and sleep in it all night it all works out in the end when everyone in your house can sleep properly.

The Zyppah® Snore Prevention System is easy to clean by either rinsing with water every day or cleaning much like you would your own teeth with mouthwash or toothpaste. Mouthwash would be an easier option because it would also destroy bacteria while not being abrasive like the bristles on a toothbrush can be.

The advantages speak for themselves. Better sleep equals a better energy level and a better relationship with your spouse/partner and the other people in your home. If you are like most people and your snoring is not only consistent, but loud, this is a definite way to help eliminate that annoyance. Depending on how loud you actually are when you snore you may be causing yourself to wake up throughout the night without even realizing it.

Make your life easier by not having to worry about sticking some strips on your nose or hooking a machine to your face. The Zyppah® Snore Prevention System is a nice discreet option which will have you sleeping well along with those in your home. The advantages just can’t be beat.



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